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♥WiThOuT YoU AlL Im GoInG To Be Is;;;;InComPlEtE♥ [entries|friends|calendar]
We BeLoNg ToGeThEr__♥

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1:56am May 29th]
HeRe I Am, OnCe AgAin
Im ToRn InTo PiEcEs
CaNt DeNy It, CaNt PreTeNd
JuSt ThOuGht YoU WeRe ThE OnE
BrOkeN Up, DeEp InSiDe
BuT YoU WoNt GeT To See ThE TeArS IvE CrIed
BeHind ThEsE HaZeL EyEs < 3

I quit this thing,, no more Lj for me. Love Everyone. I.m. me if you wanna talk.
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I NEVer AsKeD To Go WiTh YoU To MeXiCO;; I ReAllY DiDnt NeeD The SHoPPinG SpReeS........<3 [Monday
6:45pm May 2nd]
[ mood | confused ]

So SaTuRdAy My Parents Told me n the rest of the family that they're getting a divorce. Its sad. Bu my mom told me that HE CHEATED ON HER like 3 years ago. They never told me about it. I mean its still sad. But my mom deserves better. Thats for sure. Oh and this bitch at our school emily darnswell is pregnant HAHAHAHHAHA!!! DUMB BITCH!! WOO!! LMFAO. Sorry,,, idk what else to write. I'm too out of it. Update more later bye.


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WhEn YOu LeFt I Lost A ParT Of Me </3 [Sunday
3:22pm April 24th]
[ mood | LoRin N SaM-BFFE! ]

WeNt To The MovIes LasT NiGhT!!! WeNt To See A Lot Like Love with Sam;BRian;Lorin;Kate;And Cammy. It was so mUcH FUN!!! JusT WhaAt i needed. Some Good Friends and AShton Kutcher ;-) lol. Than We all went back to BRiAns. Had a Parrrty SO MUCH FUN!!!lol and so much illegal activity LMAO lorin.

IVe BeEn Feelin a lil bit better. My dad is coming back today :-)!! And thats about it. Only about a month of ScHool LefT <3333yes! wooo well im out. LoVE It N LeAve It HeRE<33333333333



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SOmEtIMes Im CLuEless and Im ClUmsY;; But I've Got FriEnDS ThaT LoVe ME<333 [Friday
4:51pm April 22nd]
[ mood | okay ]


Than I COme Back And All Hell BrEaks Loose.....

My Dad Is Not At Our House Right Now, Hes Staying wit ha friend. I guess when I was gone My parents got in a huge fight. God I hope they dont split up :-/ Theyve been together for 19 years!!

Ryan CHeated On Me....With One Of My Ex-Friends. And She was the one to tell me. So I Dumped HIm...OF COurse. BUt Im over it, I have other things to worry about. I tihnk im gonna take a break from guys right now. I need to work on family and friends.

SO yeah things r shitty. But LorIn;Sam;Cammy;Alex;Kate and others have helped me thru this. Idk what id do w/o my friends i love them.

yeah update more lata. now im just chillen, thinkin, tryin to make the best of things. maybe lorins later<33


</3 x/3

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FrOm NoW On.... [Sunday
7:18pm April 10th]
[ mood | content ]

She Put ThaT SugAr On MuH TouNge

KiSS my LiPs AnD TaKe My BrEaTh AwAy!~!~!~!~!~!~! [Saturday
8:22pm April 9th]
[ mood | enthralled ]

WeLL, Heres Whats Up FoR The NexT WeEk:::;;;

TomoRROw-- GoiNG To LorinS Than At 5ish The limo is ocming over to pick us up and drive me, lorin, n the rest of her family to Texas To See The BSB SHOW!!! :-)

MoNdaY-- The Radio Station payed for us to go sight seeing or somethinG?lol idk we are going on a tour of dallas or something shall be fun.

TuEsDaY-- HaNgIng around the hitel and stuff thatn GOING TO THE BSB SHOW!!! :-) :-)!!! WOOp! lol. I cant even wait. Than we're spending one more night in the hotel. TUesday Night

Wednesday-- CoMinG HOme;; Than going to Ryan rught away since I know I will miss him TeRrIbly I'm so glad we're back together. I feel that we're stronger than ever ! :-)

But I Get TO Miss 3 school days this week :-) woOp

well im out


If You're Lost
YOu Can Look
And You Will Find Me
TiMe AftEr TimE

i love ryan <33 o3_o4_o5 :-)

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8:11pm April 8th]
[ mood | in love <3 ]

How Ya Doin Ma?
This YO SoNg Ma?





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7:20pm April 3rd]
[ mood | happy ]

YESS!!! AftEr ScHooL TomoRrOw LorIns MoM IS TaKiNg Us Too LaGuNA BeaCH!!!!! :-)!!!!!!! The Best Beach In The ENtire O.C. I HoNesTly CANNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT WAIT!!! THIS IS JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I Want *Him* Back [Sunday
3:17pm April 3rd]
[ mood | down ]

Well Yesterday -n- Friday I Went to Lorins. It was fun. I Loveee That Gurl! Sam,we need to hang out baybee we never do anymorE! But yeah so me n ryan had a pretty messy break up. We got in a fight over the phone and than he hung up on me. I was so pissed I walked to his house and started yelling at him and he just said "get out of my house, bitch its over" It is really the worst break up I have ever had! And yeah I think we could get over it and get back together if he would just talk to me :-( </3 Oh Well.. Lifes Goes On. Tomorrow wouldve been our 1 month anniversary :-( LoRiN -N- SaM___BFFE!! ReBa--Lifes Too Short To Be Pissed At Eachother. But if you want it that way than fine. But I still fucking cant stand Jeka. Im Out -AlyssA- <33

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*Im Missing You///And Nobody Knows It But Me* [Friday
7:21pm April 1st]
[ mood | depressed ]

Me N Ryan Broke Up :-/

I dont really wanna talk about it

but yeah...

went to LorIns Yesterday it was okay

But I couldnt stop crying </3>HeArT///BrOkeN

Nobody Knows It But MeCollapse )

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*So Long And Good Night* [Thursday
12:40pm March 24th]
[ mood | sick ]

Stayed home from school today, i dont feel good. Rebas such a bitch!

LorIn & Sam BfFe!!!


cammy, julie, malika, mike, sean, teddy, and ashton. FrIeNds Till The EnD! <3

and most of all.......

I LOVE RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03-04-05 ForEver!!!!!!!!!!


No letting go
no holding back
because you are my lady
^RyAnss SOng To Me :-D ILH!



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We Could Leave This Town And Run ForEver..... [Monday
12:08pm March 21st]
[ mood | bored ]

heyy everyone, im in computer class. Ryan got moved to ther other side of the room :-( Mr. ASSHOLE says we talk too much. whatever. Now I have to sit by some BIG FAT SMELLY BITCH! Shes like a fucking ogar im not even joking. she needs to re-locate to SOuth Carolina or something. She smeels so terrible. But anways, last night I went to the movies with Ryan, Lorin, Sam, Brian, and Kate. RyaN & Brian WerE Pimps lmao. we went to the ring 2. we all sat in different parts of the theater. Sam and Brian were like havin sex lmao. But who am I to talk. Me n Ryan didnt see much of the movie either ;-) lmao and lorin and kate wouldnt make out LMFAO DAMMIT!! LMFAO! Afterwards we went to starbucks and chilled. Than I went to rynas for a bit. we hung out. watched some tv. was fun. And this morning I had the hardent time waking up. I didnt come to school until after 2nd period it sucked!

I Love RyAn!!!<33333

Here I Go
Scream My Lungs Out
And Try To Get To You
You Are My Only One
I Let GO, Theres Just No One
Who Gets Me Like You Do
You Are My Only, My Only One <3

1 kissYum Yum She Put ThaT SugAr On MuH TouNge

YuP! [Wednesday
12:02pm March 16th]
[ mood | dk? ]

Well Im Here In Computer Class. *My Boo* Ryan is right next to me. We've been together for almost 2 weeks now. I Love it. He lives like right down the steet from me. So thats awesome. But Yeah. Me N LoRiN Might be hanging out after school. I love that girl. My parents have been fighting alot lately. I think I might be causing it. I hope they dont like get a divorce or anything </3 Last Night I Went To Ryans. We ChIlLeD <3. lol. We watched some movies and than that led to other things ;-) but yeahhh....hes such a sweetie. Well Im Out<3. Me N RyAn are gonna both get passes to go to the bathroom and than make out in the hall :-p.....how romantic? lmao <3

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9:36pm March 15th]
[ mood | excited ]

New Layout<3

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*I CaMe To HaVe A PaRtY* [Tuesday
8:36pm March 15th]
[ mood | :-) ]

Today-:- WeLl.... School was gay. My 2nd period teacher Mr.Minzana is SooOooo gay. I fucking hate him. He gave me a detention jsut cause my fucking cell phone went off. w/e. Im so sick of school. I cant fucking wait to graduate. You Dont Even KnoW!!!!! BuT YeAh...Omg. I got tickets to the backstreet boys show :-)!!!!! LMFAO. Lorin won them on the radio and we are going :-). Yessssss. But we have to go all the way to Texas. Which sucks. But oh well. The radio station is driving us out there in a limo :-) and giving us a hotel to stay at. Its gonna be April, 12. I cant wait. Well anyways..... Reba is a fucking bitch. I cant believe I was ever friends with her. Seriously. FucK HER!!!! Dammit. Well. Im OUT<3333

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9:57pm March 12th]
[ mood | giggly ]

HAVenT update in awhile. ive been grounded. my paetns found out i did weed n shit. my dad went thru the roof. Im on room-arrest. Im not allowed to leave my fucking room. it sucks. Im so sad. But Ryan snuck over yesterday and we hung out played video games. Than we had sex in my parents bed as revenge lmao. GoD I love him. But yeahhh, i guess ill go before i get caught. TTyL <3

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9:51pm March 12th]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hey now, Hey now
Hey now, Hey now

Have you ever seen such a beautiful night
I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright
When I see you smiling I go oh, oh, oh
I would never want to miss this
Cause in my heart i know what this is

Hey now, hey now,
This is what dreams are made of
Hey now, Hey now
This is what dreams are made of
I've got somewhere I belong
I've got somebody to love
This is what dreams are made of

Have you ever wondered what life is about
You could search the world and never figure it out (figure it out)
You don't have to sail the oceans no, no, no
Having this is no mystery it's here and now
It's you and me yea

Chorus x 1

(Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now)

Open your eyes (This is what dreams are made of)
Shout to the skies (This is what dreams are made of)
When I see you smiling I go oh, oh, oh
Yesterday my life was duller
Now everything's technicolor

Hey now, hey now,
This is what dreams are made of
Hey now, hey now,
This is what dreams are made of
I've got somewhere I belong
I've got somebody to love
This is what dreams, dreams
This is what dreams are made of
Hey now, hey now (hey, hey, hey)
Hey now (hey, hey, hey)
This is what dreams hey now, hey now (hey, hey, hey)
This is what dreams are
Dreams are made of

1 kissYum Yum She Put ThaT SugAr On MuH TouNge

yay!!! [Tuesday
2:47pm March 1st]
[ mood | OkAy ]

Last Night-:- Well, finished up school it was pretty boring. Than went to Lorins With Kate. We smoked a joint and just hung out for a lil bit. Than kate left. Me n Lorin came back to my house. Got Some $$ from my dad and we went tanning. Than we drove around for a bit. Stopped at starbucks and wendys. Came Back to my house and LorIn stayed the night!!! we watched SummerLand<33 and than we just chilled. Went out to the park at like 12 a.m. and smoked another joint lol. We got pretty baked. Than went back to my house watched some Dvd's than fell asleep.
TOdAy((So FaR))-:- Me N Lorin woke up and had some honey nut cherios and carmel fraps. <3 and than we decided to go to Brians to see sammie. So we stopped over there for a bit, Than Lorins mom wanted her home so I dropped her off and than went back to brians for a lil bit. And now I'm home. Later Today I plan on hanging out with LoRin, Sam, Brian, Kate, and Ryan. Theres a party at brians or somethign so that should be fun <3 well, Im out.


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Im At School....:-) [Monday
12:10pm February 28th]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey, im updating at school! lol. im here in computer class. everyone else is finishing their power point presentation. But Im already done so i got free time...hell yeah. lol. Ryan is right new to me, in fact he is watching me type this. lol, but yeah today after school I think Im going to Lorin's house. Wow do I love that girl. And than Mike said he would try to go over lorins too. But I told him that he shouldnt cause Lorin is single as that would be kind of aqward(sp) lol. He said ok and that he would try to come over my house later on. Which is kool. But idk about us..... idk if its gonna work. omg ryan is making fun of my entry lol. Yeah and last night I met this kid mat through reba and he was kool n all. But than he called me fake. so idk. and he had this weird friend named clyde or something idk. But anyways,,Im bored. Ryan is no fun. hes trying to fnish his project. he needs to hurry up so i have someone to talk too. cause the girl on the other side of me is smelly lol. Im just listening to music on mtv.com so I think Im gonna go. Talk To You All Later.



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5:43pm February 27th]
[ mood | <3 ]

This morning I woke up talked to Rebz and Sam on the phone. Than we couldnt get a ride to the mall. So me, sam, brian, and mike went to Rebz house. Had alot of fun. We all played twister. Me n mike cuddled and watched The Grudge SCARRRY SHIT! But than he kissed me!!! :-) And He asked me out. AND I SAID YES! YAY FIRST RELATIONSHIP IN 3 MONTHS! I cant wait to see what it brings me. But yeah Than my mom picked me up from Rebz. We went to the mall (i know im gay lol) I got the Grudge cause that where me n mike shared our *first kiss* lol. God I like this kid so damn much! well idk what else to say.


Cant Wait To See What This Relationship Brings...<3

*AlMoSt In LovE* <3//Alyssa

SuRvEy ThInG <33Collapse )

4 kissesYum Yum She Put ThaT SugAr On MuH TouNge

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